thoughts on “Fishing

  1. Monta Hayner says:

    Had a great time. Weather was lovely. Went to fish from the pier on Lake Harriet after. Michele caught two sunnies.

  2. Ellen Murphy says:

    One topic mentioned at the meeting… What is needed to have more members read the new web page? The site is very member friendly.

  3. Michele Bevis says:

    I am coming from S. MPls near Hiawatha and Lake. Would like to carpool to the Maple Grove transit station. I can drive from there or ride in someone elses car. Michele at 612-360-8205

  4. Hi,

    I’m new to fly fishing – and to a new position with the MN DNR working in aquatic education. I’m looking for ways to learn fly fishing, so I feel confident enough to out on the rivers next spring/summer. Eventually, I’d love to incorporate fly fishing into aquatic education programming in northern Minnesota. First, though, I’m looking to develop skills that give me one more excuse to spend time in wild places.

    I live in Silver Bay, MN and work in Duluth, MN. I’d love to come to your events and connect with others in the area who are interested in fly fishing.

    I’d appreciate any information you have to share including what would be good to know about membership.


    • Hi Katie,

      This is a new website and I have not tried to just reply to a request via the website before. I hope this works well. Sorry it took a little while to get back to you. We are working on our Annual Membership Meeting.this coming Saturday. Membership cost $35 annually. We are working on next years calendar. You saw the fly casting class posted. WE have events monthly but not exact dates yet. January – fly tying at a members home, February knot refresher for spring fishing at my house, March possible fly tying, April – possible spring catch and release season fishing outing in SE MN, May we host a fishing lesson on the Rush River in Wisconsin followed by fishing one or two members with a mentor. June we do a weekend trip (last few years have been near Viroqua WI) this year we are working on someplace near Preston MN. WE have tried to get Fishing around town going in the summer – where members set up times and places to meet to fish. WE have a few every summer but it has not been as frequent as I would like. The main thins our club does is give you connections to other women who fly fish and who are willing to mentor. You have access to the forum on the website to communicate to the membership and we share the roster with members. That said most members live near the twin cities. There is a fly fishing club on the north shore. I don’t remember the name of the club. It is coed and they have contacted our club for speakers. You are welcome to attend our membership meeting this SAturday, November 7th 11 am – 2:00 pm at Josephs Grill, 140 Wabasha Street St. Paul. includes Luncheon cost is $25. Two members will be talking about summer fishing trips they took this year as well as Bob Trevis will speak on Fishing in SE Minnesota. In the future send emails via our email address It is checked more frequently. If you wish to come to the annual meeting RSVP to the email address by Tuesday evening.
      Monta Hayner, Vice Chair.

  5. Nancy Killian says:

    warning: I will need a lot of help. I am left handed and inexperienced. I do not have tying equipment. But it sure sounds like fun!

    • Hi Rhonda,
      We have not set up the registration yet but I will be sending out an email to the membership as soon as we do. I am looking forward to seeing you there.
      Randi Nelson, Communications Chair